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We stock most brake parts for the full CAR Range. We can supply and fit brakes much cheaper than CAR main dealers, this is partly due to our labour rate being a third of the main dealer and partly due to the brakes we source directly from manufacturer without CAR adding their bit on .

There are a wide range of brakes available for the CAR range, we have tested the most common ones (Some with shocking results). Our tests showed the best brakes available were manufactured by Pagid. We have now being fitting Pagid brakes since 2014 & cannot recommend them enough.  Pagid produce brake components for some of the world’s leading manufactures including Car, BMW, Audi and even Lamborghini, the brakes we fit are the same OE quality as CAR’s just without the logo and matching price tag.

If your car is fitted with brake pad warnings we stock the sensors and always fully reset all warning systems after repair.