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We pride ourselves on servicing Car’s to the highest of standards, going beyond the guidelines set by the manufacturer, at a fraction of the cost. We can also service your car if it’s still under the manufacturer’s warranty as we only use O.E parts and are a vat registered garage.

If you own a car built from approx late 2014 onwards, you won’t have a service book, all your service history is stored online (What was wrong with an old fashioned service book!). This information is usually only accessed by main dealers but as a specialist we have access to the system allowing us to both view previous service history & update the system with any new service work we carry out.

Electric Cars

We have experience with both fully electric BMW i3’s, hybrid BMW’s & hybrid VW/ Audi vehicles


We stock most brake parts. We can supply and fit brakes much cheaper than main dealers, this is partly due to our labour rate being a third of the main dealer and partly due to the brakes we source directly from brake manufacturer without going through main dealers.

There are a wide range of brakes available for the range, we have tested the most common ones (Some with shocking results). Our tests showed the best brakes available were manufactured by Pagid. We have now being fitting Pagid brakes since 2014 & cannot recommend them enough.  Pagid produce brake components for some of the world’s leading manufactures including BMW, Audi and even Lamborghini, the brakes we fit are the same OE quality as just without the logo and matching price tag.

If your car is fitted with brake pad warnings we stock the sensors and always fully reset all warning systems after repair.

Coolant Leaks

The coolant systems are a pressurised sealed system & shouldn’t need topping up, if your coolant level has fallen below minimum the chances are you have a leak.
Many Cars don’t have a low level warning light the warning a driver will get is an overheating warning light. Generally this light will be Red which is informing the driver to stop immediately. Early signs of low coolant level can be the heater not getting hot, if you experience this we would advise you check the coolant level ASAP. All engines produce a large amount of heat, the coolant system keeps the engine cool, if a car is driven with low or no coolant it will overheat & eventually damage the engine.

As a CAR specialist we have the knowledge of what parts are known to fail on the different CAR models, we often see vehicles that have had parts replaced that weren’t needed from non CAR specialists such as head gaskets. We stock most of the common items to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Oil Level

Most of the CAR range is designed to use some oil, this is due to the high running temperatures that improve fuel consumption & decrease exhaust emissions.

Unfortunately CAR didn’t think a low engine oil level warning light was necessary on most of the models they produced. If you have an oil light come on, it’s likely to be the oil pressure light, if the oil level is low enough  to put a pressure warning light on its low enough to cause engine damage.

If your CAR is new to you we would advise checking the oil level regularly & don’t let it go any less than a litre low.

If you want your oil level checking we are always happy to do this without a pre arranged appointment & will only charge for the oil required.

Engine Warning Light

Your car’s engine management system constantly monitors numerous sensors fitted to the engine, if any of these sensors produce readings outside of set parameters the engine light will illuminate.

We use the latest dealer level diagnostic software & can read the finest of details from the engine management system.

We stock a range of new parts for common engine issues.

ABS Warning Light

Although we all take ABS & stability control systems for granted on modern cars, the technology involved in preventing a vehicle from sliding on a bend or the wheels from locking up under hard braking is quite complicated.

For safety reasons the system constantly checks every part of the system & illuminates various warning lights if it’s not happy with the reading it is receiving.

We have a vast knowledge of the ABS systems fitted your vehicle & use the latest dealer level diagnostic equipment to pin point any faults.

Air Bag Warning Light

All car’s have at least 4 airbags. There are various sensors for the system & quite a lot of wiring, the system constantly checks all the sensors & airbags, if any of these don’t read correctly the airbag light will come on & usually stay on until the system is checked.

General Repairs

We carry out all repairs your car will need.  The only service we don’t offer is tyre fitting.

We also have a body shop that we work closely with located in the same building.

We always give a price before carrying out any repairs & don’t carry out any work until it has been authorised by the customer. All repairs carry a 12 month warranty on workmanship & at least 12 months parts warranty.

Clutch Replacement

The material on a clutch is similar to a brake pad & is designed to wear as it connects & disconnects the gearbox to the engine every time the clutch pedal is pressed. It all depends how the car has been driven as to how long a clutch will last. If a car is

Rest assured if we replace your clutch everything will be returned to how it was when it left the factory. We have seen many vehicles that have visited “clutch specialists” & returned with numerous parts damaged, fitted incorrectly or completely missing….

Unlike so called gearbox/ clutch specialist’s we take great care replacing clutches, returning the car as it left the factory.

Countryman All4

The All4 four wheel drive fitted to Countryman’s is a fantastic system and is generally very reliable. The part of the system we replace on a regular basis is the clutch. In our experience this is due to the way the car has been driven & not a fault with the car. The clutch can easily wear down if holding the car on a hill using the clutch biting point; If a car is held on a hill using the clutch alone the engine is turning approx 1,000 times every minute but the wheels remain stationary, the clutch allows this to happen but the friction material is wearing away with every engine rotation, similar to a brake pad touching a brake disc to slow it down.

We advise customers to use the hill start assist feature that automatically holds the brake on for a few seconds to aid hill starts.

 In addition to removing the exhaust system, under body trims, front bumper, subframe, air box etc the All4 models also require the transfer box & Prop shaft removing. Special tools are required for this & certain fixings are designed for single use and therefore need to be replaced.

Timing chain rattle / replacement 

A fairly common fault we see on R56 car’s is an engine timing chain rattle, mainly from a cold start due to a weak timing chain tensioner. This is often described on the internet as the ‘death rattle’, as a broken timing chain can cause severe engine damage.

However this doesn’t always mean an expensive repair, if caught early enough the initial fix is a new revised Car timing chain tensioner which can cure the issue and prevent any engine damage. If this doesn’t cure the rattle then the next step would be to replace the full timing chain kit including new chain guides. This is because the chain may have stretched over time and broken its guides due to the lack of tension.