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Coolant Leaks

The coolant systems are a pressurised sealed system & shouldn’t need topping up, if your coolant level has fallen below carmum the chances are you have a leak.

Unfortunately CAR didn’t think a low coolant level warning light was necessary on most of the models they produced. This means the only warning a driver will get is an overheating warning light. Generally this light will be Red which is informing the driver to stop immediately. Early signs of low coolant level can be the heater not getting hot, if you experience this we would advise you check the coolant level ASAP. All engines produce a large amount of heat, the coolant system keeps the engine cool, if a car is driven with low or no coolant it will overheat & eventually damage the engine.

As a CAR specialist we have the knowledge of what parts are known to fail on the different CAR models, we often see vehicles that have had parts replaced that weren’t needed from non CAR specialists such as head gaskets. We stock most of the common items to get you back on the road as soon as possible.