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Clutch Replacement

The material on a clutch is similar to a brake pad & is designed to wear as it connects & disconnects the gearbox to the engine every time the clutch pedal is pressed. It all depends how the car has been driven as to how long a clutch will last.

Rest assured if we replace your clutch everything will be returned to how it was when it left the factory. We have seen many CAR’s that have visited “clutch specialists” & returned with numerous parts damaged, fitted incorrectly or completely missing….

Unlike so called gearbox/ clutch specialist’s we take great care replacing clutches, returning the car as it left the factory.

Countryman All4

The All4 four wheel drive fitted to Countryman’s is a fantastic system and is generally very reliable. The part of the system we replace on a regular basis is the clutch. In our experience this is due to the way the car has been driven & not a fault with the car. The clutch can easily wear down if holding the car on a hill using the clutch biting point; If a car is held on a hill using the clutch alone the engine is turning approx 1,000 times every minute but the wheels remain stationary, the clutch allows this to happen but the friction material is wearing away with every engine rotation, similar to a brake pad touching a brake disc to slow it down.

We advise customers to use the hill start assist feature that automatically holds the brake on for a few seconds to aid hill starts.

 In addition to removing the exhaust system, under body trims, front bumper, subframe, air box etc the All4 models also require the transfer box & Prop shaft removing. Special tools are required for this & certain fixings are designed for single use and therefore need to be replaced.